Reflections and Insight

About the Artist

Roy A. Prinz

 I was born mid Twentieth Century into a family of hoteliers in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. These were interesting times as I would come to appreciate much later. Like most children I accepted my early life as normal and along with my seven siblings for the most part it was. Dad had previously been an aeronautical engineer and Mom had been a commercial artist in New York City as well as a member of the New York Art Student’s League. Our home was of eclectic design and for many years was a work in progress. There was an ample library of books including a collection of works on the lives of famous artists and as records became popular there were recordings of big band, swing and classical music. TV was evolving as an entertainment medium as well but we could only get one channel clearly; this limitation was in part to inspire my interests in reading, art and music.

In those years the Berkshires were a haven for the arts which continues to this day. The Boston Symphony Orchestra has long resided at their summer home at Tanglewood. The area hosts multiple theatrical productions including the Berkshire and Williamstown Theater Festivals and international dance is featured at the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. Artists such was Daniel Chester French, Sir Henry Hudson Kitson and Norman Rockwell lived in the Berkshires and their works on display remain popular. Literary greats Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville and Edith Wharton called the Berkshires home as do many contemporary writers. Jazz had a home at Music Inn in the 50’s and 60’s later evolving to popular music concerts in the 70’s. The attraction to this creative environment continues to this day and is strongly represented by artists of all genres. During the early years of the family’s resort, activities were scheduled for the guests which included excursions to these art centers. There were sightseeing trips to places of lore, hiking treks to natural points of interest and of course music at the resort which evolved with the times. There were dance bands, folk and blues performers, jazz trios and a New Orleans Jazz band revival that was immensely popular.

That was the start of my interest in art and music which continues to be a lifelong passion. I began drawing and playing the piano at an early age. The piano was abandoned after a short stint with an antiquated educator and exposure to the popular music of the 60’s; the guitar seemed to be the instrument of the times. Today my playing style reflects those influences of American popular music, classical and jazz art forms. I’ve focused on travel, photography, art and music as time and careers have allowed. After receiving a degree in Business there were twenty years or so spent in hotel management, usually in aesthetic destinations, such as the New England coast, Hawaii, the Colorado Rockies and California. A change in focus brought me into real estate in Santa Barbara which has lasted almost three decades. Now at this time in my life I’m able to devote more energy to art and music. 

I would describe the work that you see on these gallery pages as contemporary impressionism. From a distance the pieces have a realistic quality to them but upon closer inspection the impasto brush strokes reveal a more relaxed application. The visual aspect is enhanced by the application of the paint, often wet into wet creating an illusion of depth and texture. Experimenting with variations on this approach and the consequent effects, I’ve found that the results can be dramatic. In truth I’m interested in a variety of representational art including realism and modern. A number of these works have been juried into regional and national art shows. I hope that you enjoy the art. Your questions, thoughts and comments are welcomed.