golden iris, roy prinz, impressionist art Golden Iris


9" x 12" oil/linen panel

A solitary flower in the sun
duck on green pond, roy prinz, nature painting Duck on Green Pond


11" x 14" oil/linen

Water fowl swimming on a mirrored lake
along the trail, roy prinz, nature painting Along the Trail


16" x 20" oil/linen

Fall colors at the trailhead
crimson franciscana, roy prinz, flower painting Crimson Franciscana


18" x 24" oil/linen

Brilliant wildflowers off Tepusquet Canyon
iris, roy prinz, flower painting Iris


18" x 24" oil/linen

Majestic blue profile lit by the sun
roy prinz, nature art, flower paintings, yellow cactus flower Yellow Cactus Flower


20" x 30" oil/linen

Spring bloom of an ancient cactus
nature artist, floral paintings, tiger lilies Tiger Lilies


18" x 24" oil/canvas

A close look at a densly populated garden
roy prinz, nature paintings, nature artist, lupine and wire Lupine and Wire


18" x 24" oil/canvas

Wild flowers near an old ranch fence post
nature artist, floral paintings, almond blossoms late sun Almond Blossoms Late Sun


18" x 24" oil/canvas

Prolific almond tree in the afternoon light
roy prinz, nature art, flower paintings, california poppies

California Poppies


18" x 24" oil/canvas

Celebration in brilliant orange and yellow under the mid day sun

roy prinz, nature artist, rock n water Rock n' Water


17.8" x 27" oil/oak panel

Winter run off from glacier snow melt in a mountain stream
nature artist, roy prinz, lone spruce Lone Spruce


16" x 24" oil/oak panel

Late light on a dwarfed spruce at the tree line in an alpine preserve
nature art, nature paintings, red berries Red Berries


16" x 24" oil/oak panel

Sunlight illuminating the forest's undergrowth
floral paintings, nature art, wild rose Wild Rose


18" x 24" oil/canvas

Fresh bloom after a morning rain
roy prinz, nature paintings, flower paintings, apple blossoms Apple Blossoms


18" x 24" oil/canvas

Spring bloom of a hearty apple tree under a bright blue sky
nature artist, flower paintings, nature art, cactus flower

Cactus Flower


18" x 24" oil/canvas

Delicate flower lit against a large cactus

roy prinz, nature art, nature paintings, leaf in a stream Leaf in a Stream


24" x 36" oil/canvas

Sycamore leaf pressed against a rock in fall stream

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