Artist Biography of Roy Prinz

Roy Prinz grew up in South Lee, a small New England town in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.  His family owned a modest resort hotel located down a rural country road which encompassed meadow lands, a stretch of the Housatonic River, a mountain stream, ponds and rolling hills.  All of this was surrounded to the south by an expansive tract of state forest.  It was understandable that Roy would develop an affinity for the outdoors and exploration. 

The resort featured rustic guest accommodations and a variety of sporting facilities which were available as entertainment for the clientele.  Staff not always being plentiful, Roy and his siblings (he’s the eldest of eight children) began their careers early on working in the hotel’s kitchen, dining room, front office, as well as maintaining the grounds and facilities.  Guest activities included excursions to the area’s natural attractions as well as art galleries, art museums and cultural events.  When opportunity allowed, Roy would go along on these local adventures and it was here that he was first exposed to fine art and a more worldly perspective.

There was art and music in his home.  Both parents played the piano.  His father had worked as an aeronautical engineer so building things was inherent and model crafting was a hobby. Roy’s mother had trained as an artist and had lived and worked in New York City as a commercial artist and member of the Art Student’s League before marrying and starting a family.  The resort hosted a variety of entertainment for the guests and also lodged visiting actors, musicians and dancers who performed at cultural venues during the summer.  Watching and listening to rehearsals and performances, Roy was inspired to discover creative and artistic expressions himself.

Roy began drawing and sketching at an early age achieving limited recognition for this talent during his school years.  He had started playing the piano at this time as well and his early progress was rewarded by being sent for formal lessons.  The regimented protocol of the piano lessons resulted in his switching interests to the guitar, which at that time was just beginning to experience cultural popularity.  Independent by nature, Roy stubbornly pursued his own musical education; his interests grew from folk roots to rock n’ roll, then to jazz and concert music.  The guitar remains a retreat for reflection. 

About this same time Roy also took up photography.  This visual form of expression became a foundation in understanding and developing an eye for composition, shapes, edges, light and color.  Some of Roy’s additional interests include reading and travel.  Relative to art and painting, he’s studied various forms and history of creative expression in Western and Eastern cultures as well as frequenting art galleries and art museums when traveling.  Roy currently lives in Santa Barbara, California.  Self taught, Roy’s approach to oil painting emphasizes composition, light and color represented by definitive brushwork.

Roy’s thoughts on painting: “The creation of art is more about philosophy than technique.  Technique is one’s representative faculty.  After one learns about the physicality of the paint and brushes and their relationship during the process of painting, what remains is the character and energy of the artist that is captured during the process of creation.  The artist’s power of observation, sense of aesthetics and contextual representation become the structure of the final composition.  The emotion conveyed by the energy of the artist through the brushwork enables a painting.  It is the unique spirit of the artist at that moment in time which reflects the summation of one’s life experiences and beliefs.  Every painting tells a story; not in words but in a visual context.  When successful a painting resonates with the observer on a personal level as an affirmation of life.” 


California Art Club and Oil Painters of America.

Exhibitions and Shows

2013 Artwalk - Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Santa Barbara, CA

2012 Salon International, San Antonio, TX

2011 National Art Museum of Sport & NCAA Fine Art Exhibition, Indianapolis, IN

2011 Art Center of Estes Park, Estes Park, CO

2011 Artwalk - Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Santa Barbara, CA

2011 Salmagundi Club, Annual Show for non-members, New York, NY

2011 Emerald Spring Exhibition, Emerald Art Center, Springfield, OR

2010 Artwalk - Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Santa Barbara, CA

2010 Santa Barbara Museum of Art - Off the Wall Exhibition, Santa Barbara, CA

2010 California Art Club - Fall Exhibition, Pasadena, CA

2010 California Art Club - The Ring Cycle Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA

2010 Southern California Open Regional Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA

2009 Salon International, San Antonio, TX

2009 California Art Club - Winter Exhibition, Pasadena, CA

2008 California Art Club - Summer Exhibition, Pasadena, CA


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